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Cont from yesterday [Dec. 23rd, 2005|05:52 pm]
Anyway, Yeah i hung out with Sasha. He taught me how to play Durak, cause im a bad russian and i dont know how to play the easiest Card game ever. We listend to Techno music, and uh talked about Doherty, Which might be my Future highschool, And just hung around and had a good time.

I kept laughing alot so he was like
"Your so funny"
"I am?"
"Yeah you laugh at like everything."
Its true i do. xD

Oh God. Sasha's stripper music , oh man, he played 'Im To sexxy' and i was like O__O OH SHIT BAD MENTAL IMAGE and was like dying of laughter.

Ahh school was all disoriented i didnt have Spanish cause Grazianni is in Spain or something, and we had this Channukah program at the end of the day, well towars Lunch time.
It was retarded.
So i asked Mrs.Mills and Susan Ushmen if i could stay in the kitchen and help them make cookies. [ We had teams and stations and i was like >_> Screw it] So all the teachers who were like coming in the kitchen were like "Oh thats so nice of you" or "Oh my gosh im so proud of you" Blah blah blah. It was just baking cookies and helping the teachers not have a bit of a head ache with all the screamy and yelly kids under 6th grade.

And so Mrs.Brandt was in the kitchen during the time Mrs.Mills, Susan, and I were cleaning up and she was like "-hug- Thats so nice of you im proud" and i was like "^^;;? THanks~"

So then i came home and i had my report card. My mom wasnt pissed. So that was something new. And i kinda looked at her and she was like ".....Report card came' Nad i was like "oookay~?" And she was like "You got all B's with the exception of Bible and spanish" And i was like "O_O!!!!!!!!!!" i still cant beileve it.

Kay. Next goal. Get Half A's Half B's. Its acheivable right~!?


So~ Tommorow i have a flight over to michigan at like ....6pm so i have to be at the airport at 3 or 4.

So~ Some one call me or text me so we can chat it up while i go through all off that suck ass secuirty stuff.

And just if you dont have my number its

Now im off to watch Phantom of the Opera. ^^

Ktx bye.

CALL ME! Like right now too. i dont care xD

[User Picture]From: choisiwon
2005-12-23 11:03 pm (UTC)
I love Durak! o.o! I usually win >:D

Yay for B's o_o!?
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[User Picture]From: snookins
2005-12-23 11:36 pm (UTC)
My grandma taught me how to play. But then i forgot. So i was like ._.;

I Sucked at it, he kept winning. Rah.

And yah..Yay for B's xD
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[User Picture]From: sassygirl23_35
2005-12-24 09:24 am (UTC)
sounds like ur day was more interesting than mine. lol
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